Getting started

What you need for getting started with API Gateway


To use API Gateway and other Boostrs services, you need a Boostrs business account. If you don't have an account, visit the Boostrs website and reach out to us through the Contact us page.


Where supported, the Accept-Language header will influence the translations used for results. The accepted values are en and fr, with en being the default.


The Boostrs API uses OAuth 2.0 Client Grant in order to authenticate clients.

  1. You will be provided with a CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET

  2. Using that information a token can be generated by doing a request to POST /oauth/token using the credentials

  3. The response will contain a token and the number of seconds until expiration

  4. Until the token expires, all authenticated requests must contain the header Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>

Response format

Once authenticated, responses will always have Content-type: application/json and will have the following format:

"success": true, // or false if there was an error
"message": "", // will contain error messages
"result": null // will contain api results

Rate limit

The API only allows a set number of requests during a small unit of time. These values are prone to change, but the necessary information will be available in every response through the following headers:




The maximum number of requests in the time window


The number of requests the client has left in the time window


The number of seconds to wait before trying again to avoid the error


The UNIX timestamp when the limit will be lifted. It will be equal to the value of the current timestamp + Retry-After

Going over the rate limit will result in a 429 Too Many Requests HTTP error with the following response:

"message": "Too Many Attempts.",
"success": false,
"result": null