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Explore Boostrs or your own jobs and skill repository

Rely on a state-of-the-art job and skills repository, always up to date and aligned to market trends and developments. Access over 5,000 jobs and 13.000 skills, normalized across specialities and properly structured. Also access complete job details (alternative job titles, job and skill descriptions etc.) for all the platform jobs available.

Skills normalization and tagging

Normalize and provide standardized jobs and skills repositories

Normalized the jobs and skills data of your clients to help them with their matching challenges.

→ Tag any content with skills

Automatically convert any text content into normalized skills and categories thanks to our NLP algorithms.

Matching APIs


→ Match candidates with opportunities

​​Match users with job opportunities based on sets of skills.

→ Skill gap

If you need to take a look at a candidate's job versus your open position, just compare the two jobs and see how much they match and what skills are in common or missing between the two jobs.

Job origin

Knowing from which other jobs you might be able to recruit people for your new job opening helps you target the proper candidates and save time.

Internal mobility

Skills gap

Identify the missing skills for internal mobility.

Career path

Stress the learning contents required to evolve from one job to another.

Learning & Development

Offer customized learning paths

Match users with learning content and offer custom learning path

To go further

Soft skills, automation impact, remote work capacities, jobs in tension, emerging jobs...
Get trends on the future of work and assess how much your learning offering is forward-looking or provide trends on the future of work to users so they can take the best decisions regarding their career.

About our Map & Match APIs

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