boostrs api

Job Career Path

Look at the next most likely career path (future jobs) a person could have.
The Job Career Path API allows you to look into either Boostrs jobs or your company's job catalogue and find the career path for any given job_id.
The API is allowing you to either find the career path based on a job_id either from the Boostrs platform or a job_id from your company's job catalogue (should a company catalog exist on your account).
For further information regarding company job catalogues please reach out to the Boostrs sales team at [email protected].
Job Career Path

Response fields

The career path analysis is done from job_id to related_job_id.
The job for which the career path is being requested
The ID of a job from the career path of the job_id
Job status. Available values:
active - the job is ready for use (completed)
draft - the job content might not be the final (it might not be ready for use)
Match percentage between origin (job_id) and current job (related_job_id)
Number of skills in common between the two jobs.
Group of fields providing the details for the career path job.
For more information see Job Details (the structure is identical to any other job).