boostrs api

Types of Entities

Each Object you interact with has a type which defines its content.

Types of Documents

The document types are automatically determined by the Boostrs algorithms without the need to have them specified when creating or updating the documents via APIs.

Types of Objects

By content and destination, there are several Object Types you can use
  • jobtitle - An object containing a job title.
  • course - An object containing course descriptions.
  • job-posting - An object representing a job posting. It may contain the job title itself as well as other descriptions about the respective posting.
  • profile - A complex object consisting of multiple parts such as: jobtitle, course, etc.
  • application-letter - An object containing the content of an application letter.

Pools (of objects)

Pools do not have types of their own, but they are restricted to containing a single type of objects. This means that you cannot perform mapping of course and jobtitle to the same pool.
You can, obviously, create pools for each of your object types as long as you don't try to mix multiple types of objects into the same pool. You know: don't mix the hens and chickens as we all know what happens