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Use Cases
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Strategic workforce planning

Manage your jobs and skills data and shape your company’s future
Visualise your data and quickly identify your company’s opportunities. Integrate your repository to your HR systems.

Job Library

Job Structure & Details

Boost your HCM applications by using a set of normalised jobs data.
Rely on a state-of-the-art repository, always up-to-date. Boostrs has over 5,000 jobs, normalised and properly structured. You can access complete job details (alternative job titles, job and skill descriptions etc.) for all the platform jobs available.

Job Insights

Bring insights into your jobs and company data. Through our automation and remote work indexes, understand the impact of AI and robotisation on your jobs.
Gain knowledge on your up-skilling and re-skilling needs. Optimise your organisational design by understanding the remote work index of your company.


When opening a new position in your company, it's good to know the job origin of candidates - what current positions the candidates are most likely to come from (including lateral movement, not just vertical).
Knowing from which other jobs you might be able to recruit people for your new job opening helps you target the proper candidates and save time.
View the career paths for each job within your organisation. Envision mobility plans for your employees and identify the missing skills to get there.
If you need to take a look at a candidate's job versus your open position, just compare the two jobs and see how much they match and what skills are in common or missing between the two jobs.

Internal Mobility

Staffing the right talent within your organisation is key to remaining competitive.
Boostrs Career Path feature allows you to understand how to best move people within your organization. It also helps you identify reclassification opportunities. Finally, it stresses the learning items required to evolve from one job to another.
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